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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I enquire about a session?
    Fill out a form in the section Apply, send me a message via WhatsApp (+49 1637906743) or an e-mail ( Include in the message your name, date, time, and length of the session. If you decide to apply using the form, make your application as clear and understandable as possible, and compare all kinks and fantasies, you would like to discover during the session. Don't hesitate to ask for unusual requests, however, be aware of my hard limits.
  • Tribute and deposit
    My standard rate is 300 EUR for an hour of a session in the studio. The rate varies depending on unusual requests. To make sure you come for the session and treat me seriously, you are obliged to send a deposit (1/3 of the tribute) to my bank account or PayPal. As soon as I receive the payment, the session is confirmed.
  • Rules
    Always call me 'Lady', 'Madame', 'Mistress' and be respectful to me all the time Never touch me without my permission Clothed Mistress Naked Slave - I will be in my favorite dominatrix outfit, but the slave will be naked or I will dress you up, depending on your kinks I don't accept being under the influence of alcohol or drugs In a moment the play begins, you get down on your knees and kiss my shoes Be clean (that means also ready for anal play if involved) 'Yellow' is a warning safe word, 'Red' stops the current practice Once you book a date, you need to pay a deposit (30%) Give me honest feedback after the session
  • What is the session like?
    I focus on my clients needs and favors, Every session is unique. I love to watch how your body react and let myself go with the flow. Nevertheless, all of the discussed arrangements will be respected. Remember to establish with me your special needs (your boundaries, any special toys, outfits, unusual practices, anything that comes to your mind and is not detailed on my website). I like the session to be an experience for both of us. I value the idea of slaves putting their trust in me. I will take care of your well being, your body, your lust. It is important to me that even if your body’s needs are pain and denial, after the session your soul will be left satisfied.
  • Languages
    I speak English and Polish.
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